At the October 12th, 1951 School Board meeting, the NAACP presented a petition stating that “the platoon system was used in Negro schools only, that Negro teachers, children and taxpayers were affected by this discriminatory practice, which was based solely on color and race and that this practice and custom is a violation of the United States Constitution.” Additionally, they charge that “the board had allowed a discriminatory policy to result, in that Negro teachers were not paid full scale pay, Negro children are deprived of a full share of education, and Negro taxpayers are deprived of the full benefit of their taxes.”

In reply, Dr. Scheps of the School Board did say that the fact that some students attend schools on a platoon schedule was discriminatory, but suggested that this was at both white and black schools though there is ample evidence that there was no platooning at white schools.

The Board members stated that they did not recognize the system as being discriminatory based upon race.

They also stated that they were against discrimination. 

Image Source: "Page 408, Oct. 12, 1951." Orleans Parish School Board Minutes, Feb. 27, 1951 - Apr. 16, 1952. Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans, and the LOUISiana Digital Library.